Flexo Printing

Flexo printing is the most common used type of print within the corrugated industry. There are currently 2 types of Flexo printing for corrugated packaging materials these are Pre-Print and Post-Print both using water based inks and varnishes.

It is important to ensure the correct paper substrate is used when printing with Flexo inks and varnishes as this process requires the inks to dry by absorption and oxidisation or Flexo press driers (IR).

Pre-print flexo

In this instance the outside or inside liner (or both) are printed before manufacture into a corrugated board.

The benefits of Pre-print areā€¦

  • Aids print registration
  • Consistent and accurate colour balance
  • The ability to use lighter paper weights
  • Removes flute shadow
  • Wide variety of inks and varnishes
  • Ability to print in up to 6 colours
  • Cut to register graphics
  • Reduced fibre debris at the printing stage
  • Optimum board performance as liners printed before corrugating

Post-print flexo

Flexo printing is where the material is printed after the corrugating process has been completed.

Post-Print Flexo requires the need of a polymer relief plate, the water based ink is applied onto the raised surface of the plate and the resulting plate image is then transferred onto the corrugated material.

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