The Power of Less report

The Power of Less report

Through interviews with key industry players this report details how businesses can design out waste to enable a circular economy.

Today packaging is more relevant than ever and the benefits of a strategic and sustainable packaging solution can help reduce complexity and cost, manage risk and support growth opportunities.

The Power of Less was exclusively launched at Resource 2015 at the Excel Arena London, the largest free-to-attend circular economy event in the UK, where DS Smith was lead partner.

As a leading provider of packaging and recycling solutions we showed thousands of business professionals how the way to circular becomes clear through the crucial role packaging plays in the circular economy.

What is in The Power of Less report?

Within the report there is information on:

  • An exclusive Marks & Spencer case study. Working with The Less Packaging Company, part of DS Smith, the retailer is running a large programme to optimise all transit cartons coming into the UK with the potential to generate cost savings of around £1.5 million a year
  • An infographic demonstrating how brands including Unilever and Walmart were able to save money and cut carbon emissions with strategic packaging
  • Insight into how recycling plans, that are integrated with the whole packaging process rather than tagged on as an afterthought, produce better results and ensure effective waste hierarchy management
  • Advice from DS Smith experts and a six-month checklist for achieving a circular approach to packaging throughout your supply cycle