One Step Away from Zero Waste

Download our Supply Cycle Thinking White Paper to discover how you can take ‘one step closer’ to achieving zero waste through the principles of the circular economy.

How a product can be reused, recycled or recovered at the end of its lifetime is the foundation of the supply cycle. This white paper will show how enablers and blockers can allow you to take either one step backwards or one step closer to zero waste.

By addressing the four building blocks of a circular economy – product design, reverse networks, business models and enabling conditions – our discussions found enablers and blockers which need to be worked upon, by all involved in the supply cycle.

DS Smith is perpetually devoted to Supply Cycle Thinking, helping companies achieve zero waste and take one step closer to the circular economy.

Download our ‘One step away from Zero Waste' white paper below to discover how:

• There is value in your waste

• Top down waste reduction and resource reuse can help achieve zero waste

• A Supply Cycle Thinking model supports a circular economy

• The model delivers tangible, sustainable environmental and financial benefits.