Handling reusable packaging

Bespoke plastic handling bacs

Plastic packages for handlingtaylor made for transport, storage and assembly line supplying of products. A perfect alternative for injected packaging, without moulds needed for its production.

Its perimeter profile gives an exceptional resistance to all packaging and it also transforms it into stackable. Bespoke bacs can contain internal fittings: rigid or flexible fittings, cushioning foams, ... depending on the product needs and according to all supply chain, optimizing it and generating significant savings.

Foldable handling packaging

The foldable bac for automotive industry currently validated by the R & D + i centre of Renault Versailles, enables the packaging reduce its volume to 1/4 of the total, it can also be stacked both folded and unfolded. An alternative to injection, without using moulds for its production.

  • Space saving when folded

Its hinged folding system incorporates special handles on the sides that serve as bolts, providing better ergonomics and reducing times of folding / unfolding. Folded it reduces the volume to 1/4 of the total.

  • Stackable when folded and unfolded

Its perimeter prole gives an exceptional strength to the packaging and allows you to stack safely, as they t one on top of each other.

  • Available dimensions

1.000 x 400 x 314 mm
1.200 x 500 x 314 mm


Key avantages

  • Reusable and very light
  • Maximum number of parts per packaging
  • Direct to assembly line
  • Possibility of "Lay Flat" saving 1/3 of space
  • Fast folding/ unfolding
  • Stackable thanks to perimeter profile
  • Significant transport and processes cost saving