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At a glance

We are able to design the bespoke packaging solution for any of your products

After twenty years of experience on the industrial packaging sector, we have became an example in design, production and supply of high benefits packaging, thanks to local service and our made to measure designs.

Answering to any need of the market, offering a wide range of products whose include corrugated packaging, reusable packaging, protection packaging and logistic packaging.

We are specialized in providing industrial packaging solutions:

We work bespoke to your needs, whatever is your need we make a case study, so your product is packed with the best materials and is able to save on total costs. This concept is applied throughout the supply chain, from the protective fittings design of your product to the development of packaging for storage and transport, and this is what we call Packaging Engineering.

"A good packaging design leads to reduce the total cost of your product"


For all this we have a highly qualified team and the support of a leading European company. Our Design Centre, located in Valencia allows us to be in constant innovation of new materials and packaging solutions.

Tecnicarton is the first Spanish packaging company with packing projects certified by UNE166001.