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High resistence packaging for big and heavy products

Industrial products from smaller and lighter ones to the larger and heavier, require of packages that meet a minimum resistance, stacking capability, protection... Because usually, these packages are big and heavy products.

In Tecnicarton we have a wide range of multi material packages, that go from solutions developed with cardboard and made for one use, up to reusable solutions made of plastic. All of them with possibility of bespoke interior fittings, so your product is always perfectly protected and will arrive in perfect condition at destiny.

Industrial packaging specialists

  • Bespoke packaging, prototypes and tests
  • High resistance corrugated cardboards (quadruple, quintuple and sextuple)
  • JIT deliveries available or packing in house
  • One use packages and also reusable
  • Foldable Kits for exportation, save of space
  • Total cost savings