Liquid bulk packaging

The corrugated container for transporting and storaging 1.000 litres of bulk liquid

This liquid bulk packaging is made 100% of high resistance corrugated cardboard, for transporting and stocking 1.000 litres of bulk liquid, in a secure and economic way.

A perfect packaging to use in exportation and in supply chains where recuperation, cleaning and disinfection of the packaging is expensive or difficult.

Is foldable, so it is deliver in lots of 10 units in kit, optimizing the space in transport and in stock.

It has successfully passed ISTA tests by norm ISTA 3H for: oils, wines, water, adhesives, paints, juices, jams...

Available in lots from 10 units to pick up on any of our plants.

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions of the packaging: 1155 x 1155 x 1140 mm
  • Weight: Aproximadamente 50 Kg.
  • Static stacking of full container (for stock): 3 heights
  • Dinamic stacking of full container (for transport): 2 heights
  • Capacity per container 20": 20 packages
  • Supply format: Folded in kit
  • Units per kit: 10 packages
  • Dimensions of the kit: 2420 x 1220 x 1050 mm

Key advantages

  • Tested for transport/ stock
  • Space optimization
  • Served folded and in kit
  • 100% recyclable components
  • Easy and fast assembly
  • No contamination problems