Reusable containers of corrugated

Mixed corrugated-plastic packaging for various reuses

Reusable containers of corrugated cardboard are a Heavy Duty parallel solution to our reusable plastic containers because they offer nearly the same performance at transport and storage at a much lower price.

Made with quadruple corrugated cardboard of high performances, the container consists on a pallet, a body of corrugated and a plastic lid, also offering our customers the possibility of internal fittings for transporting the parts (bespoke interior designs to set the parts, with foam cushioning to protect delicate parts, positioners, plastic ...). Besides a high number of reuses of the packaging.

It is foldable and is supplied flat, thus optimizing space in the truck / boat during deliveries and logistics movements needed to charge / descharge the truck and internally within the store. Folding during delivery saves up to 70% of the space in front of the non-collapsible containers.

Offering a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to other options in wood or plastic.


Products specifications 

  • Stackability: 2.000 Kg.
  • Wiehgt of the package: 11.5 Kg.
  • Available sizes: 1200×1000 mm, 1200×800 mm, 48″(1219 mm) x 45″(1143mm).
  • Delivery: Kit