Optimize every fiber.

Performance packaging without a fiber to spare.

We design packaging that delivers the quality and performance you need, without wasting unnecessary resources. We don't compromise between protecting your products and making your entire supply cycle more efficient.

We do both!

By understanding your business and your supply chain, we help you design the right packaging solution, with optimal protection and designed with just the right amount of packaging material, erfectly shaped to maximize your entire supply chain.

The benefits

The benefits
The benefits
  • We protect your products with packaging designed for your specific applicaiton and using as little material as needed.
  • Your customized packaging is optimized for the entire supply cycle through all its touch points.
  • By only using the amount of fiber that is necessary to create packaging there will be less material used and less waste to be recycled.
  • Smarter packaging means a lower C02 footprint across your supply chain and boosts your environmental performance.
  • The efficient packaging designs create savings thru the entire supply chain, quality assurance for your brand and a better customer experience.

How do we do this?

  • DS Smith’s 700 designers and innovators understand your needs and apply Circular Design Principles to design the right packaging for your business.
  • Our smart packaging designs save resources by requiring less packaging material, reduce CO2 emissions across the supply chain and boosts your environmental performance and credentials.
  • We make storage and logistics more efficient by optimizing both the packaging material and the packaging design.
  • By using our Circular Design Metrics, you can measure and compare the circularity performance of your design choices.

By comparing the circularity performance with our Circular Design Metrics, you will easily pick the most circular design.


Why is optimizing your packaging performance important to the Circular Economy?

Every small change makes a difference. Using just the right amount of material needed means:

  • You preserve natural resources and reduce waste.
  • You reduce CO2.
  • You create a more efficient supply chain.
  • You benefit from optimized packaging performance and quality.
  • It is good for your business and for the planet.

How can you optimize every fiber?

Let us show you how to optimize your packaging to meet your business needs and your sustainability ambitions.