Greencoat®: Meeting Produce Industry Demands, Boosting Profit

Northampton Growers

Success Story

A push towards recyclable packaging turns into a quest for a product that can stand up to the weight and bulk of cabbage

The Problem

Finding the right packaging to ensure produce arrives undamaged while also being cost-friendly is challenge enough, but add in the desired factor of recyclability, and things can get really tough.

A few years ago, at a time when most produce was still being packed in non-recyclable packaging, retailers were beginning to ask if Northampton Growers could deliver their produce in a more sustainable option. The main product they were trying to convert to recyclable packaging was cabbage, which is a heavy item to pack and ship. They tested out multiple recyclable, non-wax packaging products but found that none performed as needed.

The Solution

The Greencoat team worked alongside Northampton and one of their customers to test that Greencoat would perform on the long journeys their produce often endured. They followed a shipment of cabbage from Georgia to Missouri and were thrilled to find their produce arrived in top condition.

Northampton Growers transitioned all of their cabbage shipments to Greencoat and can now see its potential for use with other produce such as peppers and squash. Now shipping more than 25 million boxes monthly, Greencoat is a proven sustainable solution.

When we entered the produce box industry years ago with Greencoat, we had the important goal of saving the farmer and the retailer money while preventing tons of wax boxes from hitting landfills.

- Jeff Cormier, DS Smith Global Sales Manager

The Results

With each truckload of 770 wax-corrugated boxes, over a ton of waste is sent to the landfill. Making the switch to Greencoat has eliminated this unnecessary waste and cost. 

By delivering what their customers asked for when no one else was making the effort, Northampton has realized exceptional customer satisfaction. The purchasing department is happy when the produce arrives in fresh condition, the sustainability group is thrilled to have recyclable packaging and the financial team loves that they can actually make money from recycling instead of landfilling their packaging.

Join the Greencoat revolution.