DS Smith is a leading provider of sustainable corrugated packaging solutions in North America. Over the past 80 years our organization has grown dramatically, as have our services and areas of expertise.

Our story can be traced back to the box-making business started by the Smith Family in East London in the 1940s. During the next half a century we grew our reputation for quality engineering and a dedication to our customers. As we grew our scale, we grew our capabilities – adding papermaking and recycling so we could view our customers’ challenges in the whole and not just one part. In recent times, our business has experienced rapid growth, as well as acquiring businesses across Europe and in North America.

Today, we operate in more than 30 different countries, proudly employing over 30,000 people. It’s thanks to the skills and knowledge of our employees that we are able to provide our customers with strategic support across their entire packaging Supply Cycle.

Our North American operations are headquartered in Atlanta, with 15 manufacturing, paper and recycling facilities, totaling more than 2,000 employees.

About us
We operate in more than 30 different countries, proudly employing around 29,000 people


We are recognized around the world for our innovation and for the quality of our packaging. Our products can improve transport and storage efficiency, boost retail presentation and increase product sales for our customers – and we do it with sustainable corrugated cardboard. By recycling the paper fibres in our cardboard, we can save over 360,000 trees every year from being cut down.

It takes two weeks for paper fiber to move around DS Smith’s operations. What does this journey look like? Our Box to Box in 14 Days video follows the fiber on its journey around the DS Smith Supply Cycle.