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100% recyclable wine packaging solutions to help you stand out online and on-shelf.


DS Smith's Wine Box

An Innovation in Wine Shipping

DS Smith has developed an innovative wine shipping box that expertly protects your fragile products and exceeds sustainibility targets. 

The world is moving fast. Our packaging solutions help you keep up.
The wine market has gone through huge changes in recent years.
From the thirst for unique wines,to the steady growth in online sales. Now global events and a seismic shift in shoppinghabits have potentially altered the way you sell forever.

Our strategists and designers are already creating customised packaging
solutions that meet the sales and sustainability challenges facing you today.

We saw the sustainability benefits of boxed wine, and we knew our biggest challenge was to change perceptions around qualilty. To do that, we designed beautiful packaging you'd be proud to have on your countertop. We want every box to arrive in perfect condition, and for the unboxing experience to demonstrate the quality and expertise behind the brand. 

The wine e-commerce industry has seen unprecedented growth in recent years. In today’s market, selling online is more of an essential than a choice for wineries and wine producers. And while e-commerce provides a major benefit for brands and consumers, it does have its share of unique challenges. From breakage to environmental concerns, the right solutions must be implemented to take advantage of this lucrative channel.

DS Smith has developed an innovative wine shipping box that expertly protects your fragile products and exceeds sustainably targets. It’s also customizable to ­a variety of bottles.


  • Be Seen on the shelf
    Now, more than ever, you don’t want your products disappearing at
    fixture. Increased competition and changes in the way we shop mean if
    you’re not seen, there’s no sale. Our innovations in packaging design and
    print keep you visible
  • Get online quickly and safely 
    Covid-19 may have accelerated the evolution of ecommerce by 3 years, in just 3 months. Selling online is no longer just an option, it’s a must. Our packaging solutions and knowledge of supply chains get your products safely in your customers hands.

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