Closed-Loop Recycling

At DS Smith North America Recycling, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, and we’re constantly exploring news ways to convert 100% of the recyclable material we collect into raw material for processing.

What is Closed-Loop Recycling?

Closed-loop recycling is a process where your recyclable material is collected, recycled and repurposed to create a similar product again and again.

There are a number of different recycling or recovery options available to keep our resources in the economy for as long as possible. “Open-loop” recycling or “downcycling” is one such method, where products and materials are turned into new products of lesser quality and reduced functionality. 

As our recent partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation demonstrates, we advocate solutions that contribute to a circular economy model, with the goal of achieving real longevity for our resources as we bring more businesses into our controlled closed-loop solution.


  • We’re part of the DS Smith Group, a leading manufacturer of corrugated packaging. Our network of makes millions of products from the recyclable materials we gather.
  • The cardboard we collect is recycled and turned into new cardboard boxes in our packaging division, creating a real closed-loop solution for our customers.  
  • Our simple business model makes us different to other waste and recycling collectors because we do not operate landfill sites – we are solely focused on recycling.

Our mission is simple: Help customers reach their recycling goals with minimal impact to the environment.