Leading the way in quality

We are proud to be recognised for the high quality of our finished product.

Our focus on quality runs throughout all the key stages of the papermaking process, from raw materials to the finished product, providing our customers with the quality assurance they need.

Quality Tests

Quality testing is carried out at all of our paper mills in accordance with recognised industry standards 

We believe it’s important to ensure the reliability and repeatability of the different tests such as mechanicalsurface, corrugated, special and other properties tests. This is how our dedicated teams ensure high-quality paper performance for every application. 

Although most of our mills have automated paper testing laboratory, all our mills are required to send regular samples into an independent, certified Paper Quality Centre based in Witzenhausen, Germany.  

They also get regularly audited by independent assessors, who inspect all aspects of our management systems and papermaking. 


High-quality and consistent products also play a big role in helping our customers achieve trouble-free converting. We do this by investing in automated online monitoring systems and expert personnel to oversee production. 

Our Technical Customer Service experts work closely with you, our customer, to ensure the paper is perfectly aligned with the converting machinery and application requirements. 

By understanding the needs of its customers and providing consistent, high-quality products, we are expanding the possibilities of packaging. We are ready to meet today’s increasing industry and consumer demands.