Introducing the Official Cooler of Planet Earth

The BRRR Box™ Cooler

Success Story

Greencoat's moisture and temperature-resistant technology makes The BRRR Box™ Cooler the first commercial, sustainable foam cooler alternative.

How it all started

Greencoat  was created over a decade ago to survive the harsh poultry shipping supply chain, and has since been adopted by other protein segments and other adverse condition applications, thanks to it's food-contact safe properties.

The BRRR Box™ Cooler is a natural extension of the Greencoat product line that’s ideal for consumers looking for an eco-friendly, durable way to transport ice and cold beverages without the negative impact of foam.

It’s a multi-use cooler if treated properly, and the best part is instead of non-recyclable foam coolers going back into the waste stream, The BRRR Box™ Cooler goes back into the circular economy and is fully curbside recyclable.

- Melanie Galloway, VP of Sales, Marketing and Innovation for DS Smith North America

Helping U.S. Retailers

A major U.S. convenience store chain was looking for a disposable cooler that performed as well as foam, saved precious floor space in stores, and wanted an environmentally friendly alternative as well. 

The BRRR Box™ Cooler is shipped and displayed flat, so they can carry more inventory in a much smaller footprint, and provide shoppers with an option that they can feel good about purchasing.

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