Shipping aND Transit Packaging

Protect your products from damage

Customize your Shipping and Transit packaging to deliver results to customers by increasing sales, lowering cost and managing risks.

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Shipping and Transit Packaging

DS Smith offers a range of packaging suitable for transportation and handling of practically any item.

Taking your whole supply cycle into account

At DS Smith, we pioneer new formulas and state-of-the-art applications for box and printing design as well as logistics. First, because the demands on packaging have evolved; but also because superior packaging not only protects products in transit, it enhances the brand image. 

Automated transit packaging

From the traditional regular slotted case to automated packaging, our corrugated boxes provide optimal protection for your products. With or without printing, from small to large formats, we offer standard or tailor-made solutions in order to meet your needs. Depending on your requirements, we also offer honeycomb or wedging systems for enhanced protection of your products.

Benefits of optimal shipping and transit packaging

  • Transportation protection
  • Less damage 
  • Storage efficiency
  • Retail presentation
  • Fully recyclable & easy to assemble