industrial packaging

Industrial Packaging

Industrial packaging provides protection during each phase of manufacturing from storage and transportation of spare parts to semi-finished and finished products.

Our high-performance industrial packaging solutions are reliable, secure and customized to your specifications. Our facilities work with a range of compositions, flutings and treatments to prepare for the most difficult environments.

We specialize in heavy duty packaging for a variety of sectors, from Food to Automotive to Bulk Chemicals. DS Smith uses its extensive experience in industrial processes to offer solutions which protect, store and transport products.

Our team of Industrial Designers develops innovative packaging to prevent damage and reduce costs in your Supply Cycle. Through our extensive network, we can supply large format boxes in volume or single pallet quantities.

Our offering includes single-use export cases through to reusable containers. Using a range of high-quality board grades, packs can be designed for the most demanding requirements.


  • Transportation protection
  • Less damage 
  • Storage efficiency
  • Retail presentation
  • Fully recyclable & easy to assemble
  • Increased product sales
  • High product visibility