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E-commerce Packaging

We have developed simple, practical, quick-to-assemble packaging solutions for the e-commerce, e-retail, after-sales and distribution sectors.

The rapid growth of online retailing generates new demands for packaging to promote, protect and enable efficient distribution.

Well-designed e-commerce packaging will:

  • Prevent product damage throughout  the often rigorous e-commerce supply chain
  • Identify the right e-commerce packaging to protect delicate products  until delivery to the consumer in pristine condition
  • Optimize speeds and productivity during fulfillment
  • Secure products against tampering and theft
  • Create a memorable first impression when packaging is opened at home aligning consumer experience with brand expectations
  • Provide a convenient system for returns, using the same packaging, re-sealed, without damage or compromise

Cost-effective, sustainable corrugated packaging

Corrugated packaging achieves all of this, with material that is 100% recyclable, another plus for consumers and e-retailers alike.

E-retail packaging brings the brand experience home

Distinctive and high quality packaging will enhance the ‘unboxing experience’ - the moment when the product is physically experienced and the quality of the product and e-retailer are judged.


Transport packaging: Bringing the personal experience to e-commerce

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How we deliver results

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