DS Smith creates innovative display solutions for DermaPharm's anniversary

DermaPharm is the company behind a variety of popular products that are known for being free of unnecessary additives and certified as hypoallergenic, environmentally-friendly and organic. This is the core message to the market and therefore it is also important to signal in stores using displays.

The Challenge:

The 10th anniversary of the launch of the first allergy-friendly and eco-labeled skin care products was the ideal opportunity to re-launch the Derma Family product line. There was a clear need for a display solution that would help deliver prominence for the product line and increase sales.

Our Approach:

Collaborative meetings with DermaPharm looked at everything from their supply cycle to logistics and aesthetics. These ideas were developed by our PackRight Center into an eye-catching and functional display solution for the retail trade. In particular, the solution benefited from the introduction of a new product from DS Smith: Easy Top.

Easy Top is an innovative solution that, among other things, solves problems relating to shipping and display setup in stores. Easy Top is a shipping cap that protects the display during transportation and avoids having to assemble the display in stores, since the display can be delivered pre-configured. Without EasyTop, displays are often protected during transport with film and the potential for damage to the display when cutting away the film is very high. With Easy Top the display is easy to unpack thanks to the shipping cap that can be quickly removed by use of a perforation. This ensures that both the display and the products are intact and looking great when the cover is removed.  


  • Greater awareness of an important product anniversary consistent with the look and feel of the DermaPharm line of products.
  • Great display flexibility to accommodate different product ranges and sizes
  • Better security during transportation means displays and products look great in the store
  • Lower costs thanks to time saved with a display that is quick to unpack and shipped ready to go on the store floor
Lone Skaarup Madié