Packaging in brief

We work in partnership with our customers across the globe to continually develop innovations, ensuring their products achieve more for less.

Our Purpose

Put sustainability at the heart

For North America Packaging & Paper, sustainability is part of our mindset. We minimize our impact on our local surroundings as well as help customers meet their sustainability goals with innovative products.

Develop the right strategies

We take a collaborative approach to how we work with customers. We work with them to follow the package through every step of the way, to make sure it arrives safely and with the right impact regardless of its journey.

Think differently

We always start with value for the customer, not the product, and the improvements we help customers make transform their operations.

Innovate together

Our approach to innovation is throughout the product lifecycle. We run innovation days, trips and workshops for customers to help develop new approaches.

Supply Cycle Strategists

Not only do we create packaging solutions to generate more sales, but we do so while ensuring lower costs and managing risk, resulting in dramatic improvements in our customers' performance. 

DS Smith’s comprehensive product range encompasses retail and shelf ready packaging, shipping cases, retail products packaging, point of sale displays, and heavy-duty industrial packaging

We complete our solutions with consulting services on supply chain audit, creative design, and dedicated local customer service.

International network

Thanks to the combined operations of DS Smith's business divisions, we are a leading force in high performance recycled packaging, boasting:

  • 27,000 employees
  • 37 countries
  • 250 manufacturing sites
  • 36 Impact and PackRight Centers
  • 3.7 million tons of corrugated packaging per year