Working with DS Smith is no ordinary career

You’ll be helping to meet the needs of our customers, deliver the Circular Economy and build a more sustainable world. And we’ll back you all the way to reach your full potential.

Join our journey to the circular future

We’ve come a long way. From a carton-making business in London’s east end in the 1940s, to a global leader in delivering the Circular Economy today. But while the world keeps transforming, we will keep innovating and evolving to deliver our vision of Redefining Packaging for a Changing World. We are in a great position to make a difference because of our talented, diverse and motivated workforce, combined with our size and scale. Every little improvement or innovation you contribute to will be multiplied across our 300+ sites in 37 countries, giving it the power to build a more sustainable world.

Our North American operations are headquartered in Atlanta, with 17 manufacturing, paper and recycling facilities, totalling nearly 2,000 employees.

You’ll find your working environment caring, but driven. You can come to work every day with a purpose and go home knowing you’ve made a difference.

We’re innovating to deliver the circular economy

From our packaging designs to our internal processes to our sources of power, we are innovating every day across Europe and North America to deliver the Circular Economy.

To accelerate the transition to the circular economy, we’re investing £100m in Research & Development over the next five years. We are in a unique position because of our size and scale and we have created entire new innovation teams and virtual platforms that facilitate a seamless, speedy exchange of information and ideas throughout our business. Every little innovation has the power to make a significant global impact.

Meet Alex

At DS Smith we are much more than just packaging manufacturers. We are a curator of solutions to problems. We are passionate about working together, sharing ideas and exploring new ways to innovate and delight our customers.

Alex Manisty
Group Strategy Director at DS Smith

Across our business we have a wide range of opportunities from design and innovation to finance, transport and sales.  A core pillar of our business is realising the potential of our people and we are a meritocracy that rewards ambition and achievement, with all the training and support you need for continuous improvement and to achieve your aims. Whatever you are in your current role, it’s always crystal clear where you’re aiming for next.


A big business. A diverse business.

We recognize our responsibilities to take care of both our own people and the wider community in the areas we operate in. This means ensuring the safety, wellbeing and development of all our colleagues and taking effective measures to protect human rights in our supply chains.  

We make sure everyone that works for us has the freedom and confidence to be themselves and perform to their best, regardless of background, age, race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, social class, physical or mental ability, religious or ethical values system. We give you a voice and we’ll always listen to you and support you if you have any concerns at work.

Meet Avril

Diversity & Inclusion runs through our business and we’re creating a culture where all our people are valued and respected. Everyone has a voice and everyone is accessible - right up to our CEO. For a FTSE 100 business that makes us refreshingly different.

Avril Hamilton
Organisational Development Lead at DS Smith

When you work with us you’ll find:

  • We provide career opportunities, nurture talent and unleash potential.
  • We take good care of our people, supporting diversity and providing advice and support on mental and physical health and wellbeing.
  • We create a positive working environment that encourages you to think ‘above and beyond’ to drive our joint success.
  • We reward you for your skills, development and a job well done.

Our values

When you’re part of our team you’ll have a clear set of values to own and live by. They guide how we act and make decisions, both as individuals and as an organisation. 

Our values
Our values

Leaders wanted

From first time manager to experienced leader, wherever you are on your journey with us we’ll support you and provide the pathways you need to go further - all the way to the top. We have a range of Management Training programs in place to help you meet your aspirations and our Global Management Program aims to identify and develop the individuals who won’t just shape the future of our business, but possibly our planet too by helping to tackle the biggest environmental and sustainability challenges we face.