Storage of corrugated material

For optimal performance follow the simple guidelines.

When storage is impossible under normal conditions of temperature and relative humidity the product should at least be brought to the production lines for a recommended period of time of 24 hours before being used unless, as may exist in certain operations, the conditions around the production area are either extremely humid or extremely dry. If both the storage and production areas are at extreme conditions then the product should be used as soon as possible and remain stretch wrapped until the time for use.

Conditioning of the corrugated board in optimum climatic conditions must exist for achieving high-quality results with cardboard.

It is extremely important to allow the substrate to become acclimatised to the environment of the production room. 

The effect of relative humidity, and temperature can change the properties of the corrugated board. It is proven that corrugated board absorbs more water under air circulation than in still air. It is well known that corrugated board is sensitive to ambient atmospheric conditions. The cellulosic fibres, from which the corrugated material is made absorb water, swell and weaken at high humidity and release water and stiffen at low humidity.

Always store under cover in a still air environment

Storage of corrugated board

Store on dry flat pallets in a horizontal plane until used.

If storage conditions are at extremes keep stretch wrapped.

store corrugated board on dry pallets

We do not recommend stacking pallets more than 2 high

Stacking pallets

Store in atmospheric conditions of between 50 and 70% relative humidity.

Extremes of temperature should be avoided. If conditions are comfortable to work in they are normally good for storage.

Store in atmospheric conditions

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