How to specify corrugated board

Let us simplify the ordering process so you obtain the correct material grade

How to specify corrugated board when ordering:

  1. Identify the type of material required: single face, single wall, double wall or exposed flute and the material flute profile.
  2. Decide the type of material liners - the liner specified first will be the outside of the material and the second will be on the inside of the material - eg 190Y/180W E - clay on outside and white top kraft is on the inside or 125K/125T EB - 125 Kraft is outside on the E flute and 125 Test on the inside B flute. All material ordered will be supplied with standard fluting unless specified at the point of order.*

Sheet size

The first dimension when specifying a sheet is always the flute direction (width) and the second the chop (length) - eg 1040 x 1550mm - the flutes will always run parallel to this dimension.

diagram of How-to-specify-corrugated-board-when-orderingFlute Direction

The structural strength of corrugated board comes from the fluting. It is important therefore to consider the flute direction and strength of fluting to use. Additional strength can be added by substituting standard fluting with enhanced fluting (available 127g/150g/175g), please note that although strength is improved, heavier fluting can make the flute tips more rigid and thus affect the surface finish especially on large flute profiles - this can influence any graphics that are being printed. 

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