DS Smith Brand Logo: Greencoat

The Financial Impact of Greencoat®

Greencoat is 100% recyclable, and adds to your OCC revenue stream, eliminating the practice of paying disposal companies to landfill waxed containers.

Greencoat by DS Smith is the only non-wax coated, recyclable box on the market. 
Sustainable, recyclable Greencoat eliminates RPC sanitation, warehousing, transportation and tagging costs, and so much more.

The impact of Greencoat can be measured in virtually every phase of operations:

Just imagine:

  • Reward your customers with the sustainable packaging they want.
  • Sustainability stakeholders thrilled to have recyclable and repulpable packaging that contributes to their goals.
  • Financial team realizing profits from recycling instead of landfilling their packaging.

Greencoat delivers on all fronts as the highest performing, 100% recyclable wax-free packaging solution.