How to Print on AbbeyLite

Many of todays modern Offset presses are capable of printing on AbbeyLite. For those printers considering it for the first time the following information may be useful.

Requirements for printing presses

Press make ready

  • Pressure: as low as possible – to avoid flute crushing
  • No standard setting possible
  • Adjusting of every single ink unit, one by one.
  • Highest needed pressure should not reduce the caliper
  • Normal pressure range 0,02 mm - 0,15 mm
  • Measure caliper after each adjustment
  • Under good conditions compression of microflute only 0,01 to 0,03 mm

AbbeyLiteTM can accept the following print processes

Printing icons

You can also hot foil stamp, emboss and de-emboss on AbbeyLiteTM

Inks and varnishes

DS Smith Sheetfeeding recommend lower tack and higher viscosity inks when printing on AbbeyLiteTM. If you are in any doubt please consult your ink supplier and ask for an ink series suitable for direct offset printing on Microflute.


A multi purpose or compressible blanket is generally recommended for printing on AbbeyLiteTM. These will have good release properties and will provide good printing results

Blankets diagram

Cutting and Creasing

AbbeyLiteTM is suitable for cutting and creasing and we recommend full matrix creasing. Normally you can use a finer creasing rule with the flute direction than when creasing across the flute direction. The shore hardness of the rubber is also critical as harder rubbers can damage the flute profile. All cutting forms should be based on a 23.90mm cutting height. It is always best to consult your die-maker when cutting and creasing microflute.


AbbeyLiteTM can be easy converted through your existing gluing machines although it is always recommended that you consult with your supplier that you are using the correct adhesive.

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