We interviewed Francisco Correa, our Technical Director

  • What differentiates Tecnicarton from other manufacturers of packaging?

Since the beginning of Tecnicarton we have always maintained and developed our vocation to provide solutions in packaging. To do this we believe that we can not limit the use of certain materials, we have to make the most of the advantages and possibilities that each can provide. Definitively, we must use the most suitable materials, in terms of protection and resistance, according to the type of packaging we want to design.

The concept of packaging engineering and integrating different materials, I think that have been and remain beeing a differentiator for our company.

  • What is the process followed when Tecnicarton meet the demand of a customer?

Any problems or customer demand first contact is made by the Commercial Technician. His work, as a link between the client and the Technical Department, is very important in the process of data collection. The information to be provided to the Technical Departmentmust be comprehensive and clear in order to gain in effectiveness as a customer our proposal.

Usually when it is a new development, customer contacts are usually teams of people from the departments of Logistics, Methods, Continuous Improvement ... .. It is therefore very important to Tecnicarton our commercial work, in contrast to other companies, is much more technical.


  • How it is the Technical Department coordinated so everything flow?

Commercials move to the Technical Department  all information collected at the customer. For this they have a very effective tool that is our CRM. The technicals and commercials are coordinated so that any design is associated with a corresponding offer, SPC and Sheet Production (Master Sheet).

The CRM allows information to flow in an orderly way and is recorded throughout the traceability of packaging development.
Besides, it is very effective in obtaining statistics at all levels: trade, development costs, product, technical, etc.


  • How has the business model evolved in recent years?

In Tecnicarton we try to evolve, even anticipate, the needs and challenges of the industry. Not only must propose ideas or solutions to the customer for shipment to final destination of their product but also we need to know how to integrate the packaging throughout the production process. We must work very customer hand for improvements and logistical savings.

We have already entered the internal logistics of the customer. We have worked with Lean systems that favor the movement of the semifinished product into its production lines even from outside suppliers. It also has significant importance the possibility we offer customers incorporating RFID systems in packaging.

There is much ahead.
We must be vigilant and know collect the needs demanded by the market and try, if possible, anticipate customer demand.


  • What does this work personally bring to you?

As I imagine it happens in all jobs, it has its positive side and negative side.

On the positive side is the opportunity to meet customer processes and deepen them. There is a mix of technique and creativity that makes the process of development attractive.

Getting the desired improvement or solution both technically and economically, is of course, which brings greater satisfaction to the work done. This implies profitable growth in the market and seek differentiation from the competition.

The downside, for seeking any, would the complexity of some developments that makes the time since start until the project is consolidated are very long.


  • ¿Tecnicarton has 10 plants, including Almussafes. Could we say that this is the engine of multimaterial packaging in the company?

There is no doubt that the policy of opening up the different plants Tecnicarton was strategically based on their development.

In the beginning the company already was incorporating wood as a differentiator compared to other companies and the start of the activity in Manises first and Almussafes later, was when started with the addition of other materials for both structural features and conditioning . All this has been accompanied by new processes that, in some cases, has forced us to design smaller machines that did not exist on the market.

Today, Tecnicarton has already incorporated in its packaging a variety of materials such as PP, HDPE, LDPE, EPE, EPP, EPS, PS, PVC, Metal, Flexible (PPNT, PVC, PE, PA, ...), etc.

We will not hesitate to continue incorporating new materials that can provide improvements and new applications to our packaging.


  • What expectations and objectives arise in the future?

I think we need to further enhance the business model developed so far and set ourselves the challenge of continuing to grow in both specialized corrugated packaging and multimaterial. The DS Smith Group, with its strong presence in the market, can offer synergies to help us that growth.

In the Almussafes plant are to meet this 2016 major investments in machinery that I am sure, will help us to grow competitively in all plants in certain families of multimaterial packaging.

Of course, the technical department. Has been and will be an important pillar in this development. But that we continue to invest in training of existing equipment and greater allocation of resources both human and technical.