The range of paper currently available is extensive, ranging from liners in Kraft or Test, in brown or white to waste based and HPP fluting for performance applications.
The properties of paper can vary considerably and it is necessary to have full knowledge of these if material with predicted levels of performance are to be obtained.

DS Smith Sheetfeeding achieve material performance through the use of approved suppliers whose ability to meet comprehensive paper specifications have been established. This is supported by our full laboratory facilities where both paper and board properties are constantly monitored (Technical Services).

DS Smith Sheetfeeding’s standard range of materials are based on the following grades:

Kraft Liner

Essentially manufactured from virgin fibres using soft woods, obtained from sustainable forests, cooked in a sulphate process. It has a higher level of burst than waste based materials due to containing longer and stronger fibres thus making it suitable for use where pack protection is important. Being a natural product the colour shade of Kraft may vary between different suppliers due to the different regions from which they are sourced. Kraft liner is available with a variety of finishes; Clay (Full or lightly coated), White Top Kraft and Fully Bleached Kraft (FBK). Each of these top surfaces may be used in a variety of different applications to achieve various finishes and print results.

Testliner and Waste based fluting

Both are manufactured from waste paper and corrugated materials that are re-pulped and made into new recycled liners. The fibre lengths in these materials are shorter and the surfaces are more open and thus not as strong to that of virgin fibred materials. However, due to their general formation and surface properties, recycled materials can offer some cost and production advantages when being processed as they permit easier flute formation and adhesive bonding. For more demanding applications then waste based fluting can be substituted with HPP fluting that provide additional strength characteristics. In addition, an enhanced Testliner is also available and this is recognised within the industry as Testliner 2 (TL2).

For additional information and assistance in determining the correct material specification for your applications please contact our customer service team via  

Paper grades for the outer and inner liners

DS Smith material codes ref Materials description

Clay coated liner (190Y - Full clay/180Y & 150Y Light Clay)


White Top Kraft liner (WTK)


White Top recycled liner (WTT)


Fully Bleached Kraft liner


Brown Kraft liner


Higher performance recycled liner (TL2)


Fully recycled liner (TL3)


Waste based liner


Colour dyed natural embossed liner


Virgin Fibre colour, dyed liner

AF Foiled Liner

Brown barrier liner


100% pre-print liner


Pre-printed wallpaper liner 


Cut to register Pre-print


Acrylic liner


Printed AbbeyWrap rolls


White barrier liner


Digital Coated liner


Premium Coated AbbeyLitetm  liner

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