Corrugated packaging, the most environmentally friendly solution

Consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their purchasing decisions and how they affect the planet. Coupled with increasing regulatory pressure, the sustainability and circularity of packaging has become a concern among companies. It is no longer just about the final product or packaging, but about how each link in the supply chain affects the environment. Meeting the demands of the circular economy is one of the challenges we face today. Find out below why industrial corrugated packaging is the sustainable alternative, in many cases, to its plastic or other material counterparts.

Industrial packaging in corrugated cardboard as a sustainable alternative

Corrugated cardboard is a 100% recyclable material and is one of the most recyclable and recycled materials in the world. It is also reusable, depending on its purpose, in line with the principles of the circular economy, leaving behind the throwaway mentality.

In the design phase, it is important to note that it is not only the visual impact that is defined, or the characteristics of the product, transport or storage that are taken into account, but also the environmental impact of the packaging. To do this, DS Smith Tecnicarton, in addition to applying our Circular Design Principles, uses our Circular Design Metrics. With these tools we create innovative designs that address safety and robustness needs, while achieving more sustainable designs that help reduce waste and pollution.

The light weight of corrugated industrial packaging also helps to reduce emissions during transport. If we take into account the possibility of folding the design to reduce its empty space, we get even better results from a sustainability point of view, as well as indirectly reducing costs.

The fact that they are custom-designed and manufactured is also a point in favour of environmental care. This reduces waste, optimises the use of each fibre and avoids the need to use other filling materials. We also ensure that as many parts as possible can be transported per package in perfect condition, which means a reduction in the carbon footprint as fewer lorries are needed for transport, as well as a reduction in costs.

For all these reasons, industrial packaging in corrugated cardboard is a sustainable solution and a more circular alternative to its counterparts in plastic or other materials.

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Sustainable industrial packaging in corrugated board

At DS Smith Tecnicarton we have solutions for different sectors such as automotive, chemical, consumer and industrial. Among them we can highlight:

These are cardboard containers that offer different folding options. They help to save space in the delivery of the empty packaging and in its storage. All the elements of the packaging (pallet, bottom, body and lid) are delivered in a single kit, and it is very simple and quick to assemble.

If you need to transport and/or store powders, granulates, seeds, frozen foods or any type of bulk solids, our Heavy Duty industrial packaging is the perfect option due to its maximum resistance and the fact that it is specially designed to contain the largest possible amount of product in perfect condition (1,000 kg. of content and 10,000 kg. of stacking).

Bulk liquids in corrugated cardboard packaging? Of course! It has an inner bag, which can be aseptic if necessary, to protect its contents. It is designed to transport and store up to 1000l and is especially suitable for export and for supply chains where recovery, cleaning and disinfection of reusable packaging is costly or difficult.

Our Box Pallets are designed for transport, storage and groupage, where industrial packaging with very high loading and stacking performance is required.

As experts in the automotive sector, we are aware that each part requires customised packaging adapted to its needs. That's why we have fully customised packaging designed for every component, from lighting, engines and vehicle electronics to the chassis.

This mixed packaging is fully customisable according to the needs of each part (front/side opening, handles, latches...) to facilitate the transport and logistics of very long and heavy industrial products.

Contact our experts so that they can analyse your project and recommend the right industrial packaging for you. Together we can rethink your industrial packaging designs to make them more sustainable - contact our team!