5 reasons to choose Tower Rack

The latest innovation for the automotive sector is a hybrid between industrial packaging, shelving and line supply packaging.

Can you imagine having a single solution to meet the packaging, warehousing and line-by-line supply chain needs of your supply chain?

At DS Smith Tecnicarton we have made it possible with one of our latest innovations for the automotive industry. This is Tower Rack, the first metallic packaging almost 4 meters high, designed for industries with high part rotation and incorporates a flexible packaging with an ingenious vertical displacement system that facilitates the operations of filling and emptying parts.

Advantages of Tower Rack in the automotive sector

1. Logistical optimisation. Tower Rack offers the possibility of customizing its interior to the pieces to be transported, which maximizes the amount of product per metal container.

2. Reduced space on assembly lines. This metal packaging is designed to provide line operators with the necessary parts to carry out their work without wasting time searching for those parts and allows optimizing the space on the assembly line as it avoids fixed shelves, pallets, etc.

3. Increases in-line productivity as it allows the decrease of supply units.

4. Minimizes warehouse space. This portable tower moves through the factory environment supplying parts manually, by Lean trains or even in Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs), allowing absolute monitoring of your transit.

5. Improves job security. Tower Rack has a manual or electric device that allows the cells to be moved vertically to facilitate access, ergonomics and safety for operators.  In this way, the operator does not move in search of parts, but rather the storage system itself comes to the production line, thus reducing transit movements through the production plant and, as a consequence, reducing the possibility of accidents at work.

At Tecnicarton we work to achieve continuous improvement in the industrial packaging sector and logistics innovation in the automotive sector, offering solutions and alternatives that best adapt to the needs of our customers.