The visibility and social commitment of the business awards

DS Smith Tecnicarton participates in various ways in the organization and presence at the awards ceremony

Some of us have won them, others have been finalists and others participate with our financial contribution to allow certain awards to be continued and our sector is recognized and visible.

Because we must not deceive ourselves and recognize that the presentation of our innovations, or our company as candidates for an award, responds to a strategy of seeking visibility among our sector and among our potential customers. To present yourself for an award is to have a new product, service or an impeccable trajectory that we consider deserves recognition.

And yes, we finally get it, receiving an award means an increase in our corporate reputation, a recognition of the sector, and, as we said before, greater visibility.

But getting a prize carries a number of additional responsibilities.

It implies maintaining the level of exigency that has been developed to obtain a prize. Requirement with each of the teams that make up the company: from management, to production, through design or marketing. Receiving an award means maintaining the quality of product, service and innovation that has been worthy of an award.

In return, when a company receives an award, the sense of belonging of the entire team increases. It is because a prize is only received when everyone has done their job well, and it is recognized. It is a tool for team cohesion that allows an improvement in the working environment.

It also means an external reward for a job well done. Not only do our clients value what we do -they value it from the moment they trust us-, but external judges validate our contributions and reward us. It's a tool to be proud of.

From an award sponsor's point of view - which is also given in the DS Smith Tecnicarton profile - collaborating with the organisations that organise it and being present to enable them to develop is also a rewarding and responsible task, and of course a search for credibility, visibility and positive reputation.

DS Smith Tecnicarton understands that participation in some awards, as an award winner or collaborator, is always a successful strategy for the positive and public recognition of companies.