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Better advertising with Easyad

In a competitive media landscape it is difficult to stand out from the crowd. EasyAd, a system of wall-mounted or freestanding weather resistant boards popular in the food retail market, allows you to do just that.


Develop a high quality outdoor advertising system with marketing messages that match in-store advertisements, direct mailings and commercials and can be changed regularly without large costs, specially trained staff or equipment. The system should ensure that the signal to buy has been received in the car park before the customer enters the store.


Begin with campaign posters printed on a proprietary weather resistant corrugated cardboard and combine them with a system that allows the posters to be replaced cheaply and easily as campaigns and objectives change.


  • Increased sales on an array of items that can be featured on the ads.
  • Flexibility to quickly change featured items thank to printing front and back.
  • Zero additional overhead as DS Smith and service partner Entevor AB offer everything from boards, accessories, planning, installation, printing, logistics, bill-posting and service.
  • 100% product exposure thanks to unavoidable billboard placement in parking lots and on store exterior walls.

Johan Arfwedsson (pictured) is happy to explain the advantages for suppliers who latch on to the concept. "With billboards in the parking lot you get a guaranteed product exposure that starts on the sofa in front of the television, and can be followed-up by direct mail or advertisements. When the customer passes by, or gets out of the car on the parking lot, the message gets a real push, with an additional reinforcement on the end of the shelves where the decision to buy is made. If we have a campaign for grilled chicken, supported by billboards, we see an immediate increase in sales."