Communications & organising events


Whether you are launching your new network, promoting your activities, updating your members, or recruiting new members, effective communications are key to helping a network succeed.  

A simple template to help you build a communication plan to keep members informed about your activities and events. 


Running Events

Running impactful events provides a great opportunity to engage with your allies and supporters. The best Network events are educational, inclusive and fun.  An inclusive event is one where all attendees can participate in an equitable way. 

Here are a few ideas to help you plan and run engaging events: 

  • Create an annual calendar of activities and events you’d like to run.  Refer to the existing calendar to check that you will not be overlapping with existing dates for other Networks. These will include awareness months, for example Pride, cultural heritage months, and disability awareness days. 
  • Co-ordinate with other Networks to see if there are opportunities to jointly host events. 
  • Invite internal or external guest speakers to share their experiences and insights on relevant topics. 
  • Organise celebrations of cultural and religious holidays and traditions related to your Network. 
  • Plan social events such as coffee chats, and lunch and learns. 
  • Hold roundtable discussions on topics related to your Network.