Culture and Ethnic Diversity Network

The Culture and Ethnic Diversity Network is designed to welcome all cultural and ethnic differences and similarities, drive action together to make a positive impact and foster an inclusive workplace.



Our Vision

  • See:To be recognised internally and externally as an inclusive employer.
  • Everyone:To celebrate and embrace differences (and similarities), creating possibilities and grow together - leading to better business performance.
  • Equally:To promote an inclusive culture, where employees are valued, respected and can bring their best to work - regardless of gender, nationality, race, disability or sexuality.
  • Now:To start today by being open to learning and behaving as advocates and allies to each other. 

Meet the team:Jessica Heap, Jeel Desai, Mattie Keessen, Radhika Joshi, Samuel Price, Stuart Hunter, Tara Lawson, Niels Flierman
Meet the team

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