Bag-in-Box & Bulk liquids

Hygienic and environmentally friendly liquids distribution solutions for inter-hospital transit and direct appliance at laboratories and medical facilities

Bag-in-Box for Pharmaceutical Liquids

Bag-in-Box packaging solutions fulfil the unique requirements of transporting non-invasive pharmaceutical liquids from 0.75L to 250 litres.

The hygienic single use packaging is suitable for inter-hospital transit as well as for appliance at laboratories and medical facilities. It provides easy dosage and connectivity with medical dispensing devices.

A collapsible bag ensures product protection and no water contamination during delivery. There is no contact with air even after opening as the bag collapses, enabling a longer opened shelf life.

The solution makes use of Intasept®, an aseptic transfer technology with double membrane filling that assures sterility for the most sensitive products.

A variety of adaptors and connectivity options are available, to suit existing medical equipment and allowing secure hygienic product transfer

A variety of dispensers are also on the market, for hermetical re-closure during usage, easy dosage and portion control.

DS Smith’s Bag-in-Box solution is cost efficient compared to rigid containers, as it requires lower investment and facilitates lower operational costs.

Space savings in storage and transport also mean it is more environmentally friendly than other materials. It comes with a 50% lower carbon footprint and means five times less waste by weight than rigid containers.

During transport and production, a Bag-in-Box solution uses 20% less energy than the alternative.

DS Smith offers a wide range of bag options, including METPET, EVOH with PE and additive-free PE Film, along with filling systems and outer packaging for all non-invasive liquids.

Benefits of DS Smith’s Bag-in-Box solution for pharmaceutical liquids :

  • Several moisture and oxygen barrier options to suit all pharma requirements
  • Single use packaging to ensure no cross contamination
  • Easy dosage and connectivity with medical dispensing devices
  • No pre-cleaning needed as the bags are supplied flat
  • Space efficient for storage and ease of disposal by end user
  • Range of sizes to suit different application and portion requirements

Intermediate bulk containers  

Environmentally friendly and hygienic solutions for bulk liquid distribution in pharma.

For transporting liquids in bulk – ranging from 250 litres to 1100 litres – DS Smith’s intermediate bulk containers are an ideal solution that meets the relevant pharmaceutical standards.

Their hygienic–airtight filling eliminates possible contamination problems. They also require no internal cleaning and present no cross-contamination problems.

DS Smith’s intermediate bulk containers are environmentally friendly as they eliminate the need for expensive and problematic effluent cleaning, which means there are no buckets, drums or rigid containers to be disposed of.

Customisable specifications from our innovative bag range are available and include the following: 2” and 3” cutter membrane glands with Hex and BSP options; blue, clear, and metallised films with various barrier properties; integral valve discharge options as well as bayonet line connections.

Benefits of DS Smith’s intermediate bulk containers :

  • Space efficient for storage and disposal
  • No pre-cleaning needed as the bags are supplied flat
  • Intasept system with double membrane filling assures sterility for the most sensitive products
  • Suitable for intra-hospital transport as well as in  appliance at laboratory and medical facilities
  • Easy fill liners
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