Multi-material irradiation

Radiation treatment is one way of ensuring that pharmaceutical and medical products are sterile

The sterilisation of pharmaceutical products once they are already packaged and packed in boxes is a useful additional measure – particularly when it comes to medical devices.

For this reason, packaging must maintain its performance even after undergoing radiation treatment, something DS Smith works closely with customers to ensure.

The depth of penetration of radiation must be taken into account when developing an appropriate packaging solution, along with the safety of any personnel handling the packaging.

Again, DS Smith prides itself on the level of advice and expertise it can offer pharmaceutical and medical clients, particularly when it comes to limiting any risks around contamination.

Benefits of DS Smith’s for multi-materials irradiation solutions :

  • Customisable
  • Tests are performed according to your expectations in terms of result after sterilisation process
  • Limit risks of contamination
  • Safety
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