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Whether you are a global company or a local supplier for global customers DS Smith can provide the right multi-material packaging solution.

We focus on your business needs to help you increase sales, lower costs and manage risk. Using PackRight®, our unique way of working, our highly-skilled people work closely with customers to specify packaging that achieves real results. Visit a PackRight Centre near you to learn more about how our innovative and industry-leading Centres of excellence and creativity can help you achieve some of the following: 

    • Cost saving workshops with supply chain optimisation proposals
    • Reduce packaging-driven TCO per part by addressing waste, maritime/road costs and more
    • Capitalise on areas such as ‘track & trace’ capabilities and multimodal transport.
    • Minimise impact of new environmental taxes: more recyclable material, buy back old packaging and make new from recycled.

There are a number of challenges facing the automotive industry which DS Smith can help address. For a start, the location of production and supply bases in the industry are not aligned to future sales as the highest growth is expected outside traditional regions. The result is an exceptionally complicated global supply chain which demands flexibility, IT integration, and a globally integrated presence from suppliers. This is exacerbated by increasing product proliferation and mass customisation. DS Smith has the tools and experience to develop the packaging solutions you need so that cost control and complexity management is assured.

Typically, that means:

  • Protecting products and minimising waste
  • Optimising the use of space in packing, storage and distribution
  • Replacing heavy and expensive packaging with lighter, stronger alternatives
  • Responding to change and future proofing
  • Getting to grips with recycling, re-usability and life-cycle

Whether we’ve worked with you on just one part of your supply chain, or to address every stage, the results come through time and time again, every time your product is packed – we call this Supply Cycle Thinking.

To help you get the most from optimised packaging solution, you can access our comprehensive range of materials, design expertise and print techniques, supported by our continuous innovation programmes.  And, with know-how and a manufacturing network that spans 30 countries, we can help wherever you operate. 

And, with know-how and a manufacturing network that spans almost 40 countries, we can help wherever you operate.

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