Aseptic plastic trays

One way or reusable plastic trays intended to hold vials or tubes are adapted or custom-made in collaboration with our pharmaceutical clients. Produced from chemically and biologically inert materials, they are fiber free, light and easy to handle.

Our AkyPure® trays and dividers are manufactured within a protective environment and therefore ideal to transport empty primary packaging from suppliers to laboratories.

Our pick-and-place trays with integrated frames comply with strict requirements of the pharmaceutical industry in terms of precision, sterility, traceability and safety.

These reusable trays match the exact positions required for high-speed tray loading systems and filling equipment. Each tray is traceable by production date, manufacturing location and number of rotations used during its manufacturing process. They reduce setup times and ensure perfect positioning at the line.

Pharmaceutical handling and storage trays

A moulded foam tray can be designed to house and securely locate any small pharmaceutical products, such as vials or vacutainers. They present an effective solution that prioritises handling and storage throughout the supply chain, optimising efficiency and minimising risk.

Vacutainer trays, made of sterile Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) offer an affordable alternative to other materials such as metal. A rigid EPS tray provides cushioning during transit, while a smooth surface finish helps to improve loading and unloading – either mechanical or by hand.

To successfully manufacture vacutainer trays, however, tight tolerance control is critical. Very thin 2-3mm walls allow up to 100 blood collection tubes to be held firmly in place in a very small space. DS Smith’s specialist tooling ensures the required finish and quality can be achieved every time.




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