Smart packaging devices

Devices able to inform about the product they contain

We have a smart packaging devices service, able to inform about the product they contain, all along the supply chain. We advise you about correct tags and we provide the packaging with RFID integrated, label or encapsulated for reusable packaging.

Our offer:

  • Radiofrecuency devices, like a sticker and allow you to read up to 900 tags per second at a distance of 10 meters, perfect for automated warehouse inventory, monitor the production, shipments and receipts.
  • Impacts and antiknock-over devices, it detects if the load has bend more than one predefined angle during transport and also indicate if load undergoes an impact. It reduces damage and loss related to bad transport and storage state of conservation.
  • Temperature and humidity devices, they indicate if the load has been exposed for a while, above or bellow a predefined temperature. They warn about an interruption on the cold chain and they inform about when did it happen.

Key avantages

  • Reduce time and mistakes reading stocks and in logistics
  • Monitoring of the packaging during transport
  • Avoid non-quality costs
  • Reduce the costs of losses
  • Continuous improvement of your supply chain