Automobile engine

Liderpack award 2010 & Worldstar award 2011

This packaging is entirely made with Quadruple corrugated cardboard, for transporting/ storing and automobile engine.

The main achievements of the packaging have been reducing by a 60% the weight of the previous packaging (made 100% of wood) and reducing in five times the engine packing time.

Although there are others no less important as: to be as robust as wood, very easy to recycle (100% corrugated cardboard), avoid as maximum as possible injuries of the workers in packing operations and have the ability to communicate through print.

The packaging is made of Quadruple corrugated cardboard, a product developed by Tecnicarton and that allows sheets of four or five flutes. This packaging material outstands of an extraordinary resistance, so far only achieved with other materials such as wood, and maintains the advantages of communication, handling and environmentaly friendly.