DS Smith Tecnicarton develops a collaborative virtual environment to meet new ways of engaging with customers

•In this digital space, meetings can be held, and 3D prototypes of packaging solutions can be viewed.                                                                                                                                                             •The tool enables productivity gains and agile decision making

DS Smith Tecnicarton has developed a collaborative virtual environment with the aim of adapting to new ways of interacting with customers. It is a digital space where meetings, workshops, prototyping and 360º simulations can be carried out.

This tool makes it possible to visualize the customer's packaging needs, work together on the briefing and even manipulate the prototypes in real time and without the need to be present. Productivity is thus gained, as it is not necessary to travel to develop the packaging. It also speeds up the decision-making process, as decisions are made as the packaging and its characteristics are known.

Thanks to 3D prototyping, packaging solutions can be viewed and manipulated. Virtual reality allows measurements to be taken and volumetric spaces to be viewed. It is also possible to simulate the assembly of the packaging and make adjustments on the spot as if the test were taking place in the production plant itself.

In the same perspective of innovation and facilitating interaction with our customers, at DS Smith we have our Innovation HUB, a space that allows collaboration in a totally hybrid way, as it enables meetings and the exchange of ideas both in the physical space and in a totally virtual way.

A very effective way of reducing the "time to market", in presentations, sessions or workshops, together with our PackRight Centres teams, making the client part of the whole process of developing their own packaging.

As Antonio Cebrián, commercial director of Ds Smith Tecnicarton, explains, "with this tool we are adapting to new times and new ways of interacting with customers". "Our goal has always been to offer personalized solutions, not as a supplier but as a partner; with this digital collaborative environment, we simplify processes and offer our customers all the good things about our work without having to leave their office, with just a computer and virtual reality glasses", he stresses.

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