DS Smith Tecnicarton exhibits at Hispack with the strongest heavy duty corrugated container for bulk liquids and solids

•This new packaging is highly resistant, due to its 10-wave corrugated cardboard construction, for safe and economical storage and export of bulk goods. It is also optimal for supply chains where recovery, cleaning, and disinfection of reusable packaging is costly or difficult.

DS Smith Tecnicarton is attending Hispack 2022 with a new industrial packaging innovation. It is a heavy-duty container for the safe and economical storage and export of bulk solids and liquids.

This heavy-duty container, made from 10-wave corrugated board, is optimal for supply chains where recovery, cleaning and disinfection of reusable packaging is costly or difficult.

From 24 to 27 May, at the DS Smith Tecnicarton stand (HALL 2, Level 0, Street B,  Stand 171), you will also be able to see the advantages that DS Smith Tecnicarton offers. Among them is the ease of export, as it does not require phytosanitary treatments. It is certified for maritime transport. And 100% guaranteed for export with maximum safety and optimization.

In this respect, the packaging is certified according to ISTA 3H for oils, beverages, eggs and dairy products, jams, juices, paints and glues.

In addition, it enables total cost savings in the supply chain due to its stackable storage and transport at 3 and 2 heights. And it is self-assembly and foldable, freeing up space in transport and storage...

Maximum recycling capacity

It is a 100% corrugated industrial packaging with maximum recyclability.

It also stands out for its simplicity in assembly as opposed to its robustness. This results in greater productivity and cost savings in the process, due to the need for a single operator in the assembly.

Deliveries are made in batches in kits of 10 units consisting of pallet, bottom, body, lid, bag and tools. This allows for greater optimization of transport and storage space.

In addition to these advantages, its design and stacking quality provide greater safety, ergonomics, and stability. And it is free of staples, splinters, and nails.

DS Smith Tecnicarton’ s Commercial Director, Antonio Cebrián highlights that

"this innovation of industrial packaging in 100% corrugated cardboard allows to transport and store up to 1,000 liters of bulk liquid in a safe and economical way, as well as solid bulk; seeds, powders, granulated or frozen. With the great advantage of strength through 10-wave cardboard".