DS Smith Tecnicarton and SIES collaborate to promote employment among people with disabilities in Seville

The Seville plant of the packaging company relies on this Special Employment Center of the Valentín de Madariaga Foundation for the recruitment of factory service assistants

DS Smith Tecnicarton and SIES Special Employment Centre of the Valentín de Madariaga Foundation collaborate to promote the employment of people with disabilities in Seville. Specifically, the plant that the packaging company has in the Andalusian province has been hiring the services of this foundation for more than 8 years for the recruitment of factory service assistants.

This collaboration allows DS Smith Tecnicarton to absorb the work peaks of the plant by covering the auxiliary factory service positions at very specific times when the production activity suffers a significant increase due to the entry of unforeseen orders. These employees have the necessary experience and training in handling tasks, as most of them have previous experience in industry. In addition, the selection process guarantees their suitability for the position, since DS Smith Tecnicarton defines the needs to be covered and the Foundation looks for the most suitable profile.

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As Daniel Mora, director of the DS Smith Tecnicarton plant in Seville, explains, this provides a job opportunity for people who, due to their disability, find it difficult to access the job market and the packaging company has qualified labour to meet the needs of the factory. "It is very satisfying to know that while our work is being produced and developed, we are also helping to promote inclusion and create a more diverse and just society", he points out.

For his part, Luis García de Tejada Ricart, General Manager of SIES, highlights the success of this collaboration since, in addition to promoting the integration of people with disabilities in the workplace, "the companies discover that the job performance is full and that the requirements of the positions are amply met".