Industrial packaging, a key part of company logistics

At DS Smith Tecnicarton we advise our customers on decision making in all industrial packaging and logistics processes, achieving overall cost reduction through innovative and customized solutions

To do this, our team of experts works hand in hand with our clients and designs packaging that is 100% adapted to the real needs of companies.

Do you need to optimize packaging for your supply chain?

We can help you! Through a study of the route of the products, from production to delivery, we identify the points that allow us to optimize the packaging throughout the process.

Our goal is to find, design and implement an integral solution for the internal and external logistics operations of your company. In this way, you will be able to enjoy packaging that meets your needs, protects the product and reduces costs throughout the supply chain.

Packaging to ensure that your exports arrive in perfect condition?

Within the scope of goods transport, everything related to industrial packaging is very important, since it guarantees that the product arrives at its destination without suffering any damage, even in the case that it might suffer some accidental blow.


Whether the shipment is by sea, air or land, we have industrial packaging for goods of different characteristics, from small delicate pieces to large heavy pieces. With our solutions, the shipment will be perfectly fastened and will comply with international regulations on loading goods.

Do your products require approved packaging?

Industrial packaging must comply with very demanding regulations, depending on the type of product being transported. Our expert department will design and manufacture packaging that meets your needs and can be officially approved.

Our industrial packaging solutions for dangerous goods are developed after listening to the individual needs of our customers. Once designed and developed, they are completely tested before production in Technological Institutes, so that you can be sure that the packaging will be adapted to your needs and will meet all the requirements demanded for the transport of your product.

Do you want your industrial packaging to be more sustainable?

The rapid rise of the eco-conscious consumer urges companies to create and transmit confidence, pushing them to use more sustainable packaging.

That is why at DS Smith Tecnicarton we have alternative materials for product protection, which improve the efficiency of the packaging and allow it to maintain the same technical protection properties. In addition, many of our packaging solutions are focused on reuse, thus allowing us to extend the life of the packaging and be more environmentally friendly, reducing environmental impact and costs.


As one of the largest suppliers of industrial packaging nationally, we believe that sustainability is very important and should be present in our services. That is why we are strongly committed to providing more environmentally friendly packaging designs and solutions while optimizing the overall costs of our customers' supply chain.