The advantages of folding packaging

The main requirement to take into account when looking for a good packaging is that it gives a real answer to the needs we have. To all of them.

There is no point in having a large, very resistant and perfectly conditioned container if it is too expensive to assemble later or when we do not use it, it steals a vital space in our warehouse.

In this sense, folding packaging is a great logistics solution, as it can bring together all the necessary characteristics to house and transport our goods in the right way and minimise the space it takes up in storage.

Folding packaging can be made of cardboard, metal or plastic. And the most innovative and practical designs allow for easy and, above all, safe assembly.

Advantages of folding packaging

  • A package can be folded without giving up customization. Our folding packaging can be made in the dimensions required by the customer. In addition, the interiors can also be personalised, with the most suitable packaging for the product to be housed.
  • Folding packaging is resistant. They are high performance packaging developed with very resistant materials, such as laminated cardboard, metal or plastic.
  • Great protection of the goods. The combination of interior and exterior customisation and their resistance means that these packages provide perfect protection for the goods, both during transport and storage.
  • Savings in assembly. A well designed folding packaging will have an easy assembly. This will allow savings in the costs of the assembly process, as the time required for this is significantly reduced. In addition, easy assembly minimises the labour risks associated with handling.
  • Efficient space management. The possibility of folding the packaging, notably reducing its size when not in use, translates into savings in storage space.
  • Reusable. Depending on the material used, these packages can be reusable, a profitable, ecological and sustainable solution.