DS Smith Tecnicarton will bring its latest innovations in industrial packaging to Empack Porto 2019

The company chooses for this occasion the whole range for the automotive industry and the transport and protection of bulky and difficult to handle products.

DS Smith Tecnicarton will be present once again at EMPACK2019, which will be held in Oporto on 18 and 19 September and will showcase its latest innovations in industrial packaging.

The company, which will be located in booth E30, will show, together with other companies of the DS Smith Group, the different solutions of custom-made and multi-material packaging as a representation of the variety of designs and innovations that the company can develop.

In this sense, during the days of the Fair, Tecnicarton will exhibit different packaging solutions for the automotive and industrial sectors, among others, such as the reusable Tecnipack® containers. These include a range of packaging made of plastic or corrugated cardboard, high capacity and foldable, specially designed for round trip circuits. The materials used for their internal conditioning guarantee the protection of the pieces, adapting to the needs of the product and thus offering the possibility of transporting as many pieces as possible per package.

Within the line of reusable solutions, Tecnicarton will have a development of metal rack, specific for internal use between plants and with different types of conditioning, depending on the needs of the product to be transported. This transit packaging is designed to speed up the work of supplying materials in the production lines. The innovation of this design lies in the possibility of changing the entire interior packaging and replacing it with another according to the needs of the parts.

Other packaging lines that will be represented at Empack Porto will be Heavy Duty packaging. They will be represented at the stand by folding laminates, which replace the use of traditional wood packaging, and on the other hand by Tecniwrap, mixed wood and cardboard packaging, designed for the transport and protection of very bulky and difficult to handle products such as elevator cabs or streetlights, for example.

Thanks to the versatility that Tecnicarton provides to its products, these Tecniwrap can incorporate locks, handles or interior reinforcements, depending on the product to be transported.

On the other hand, they will have a range of handling packaging, such as thermoformed trays, bacs conditioned with different materials or solutions in different varieties of foam.

Finally, Tecnicarton will present a whole section dedicated to the exhibition of packaging solutions for ESD products: from Tecnipack® containers to small packaging made of different materials such as cardboard, polypropylene, foam, textile or thermoformed.

As Alicia Correa, the company's communications manager, explains, "DS Smith Tecnicarton's differentiating factor is our specialisation in complete solutions designed in a multi-material and tailor-made way and aimed at different points in the supply chain. All the innovations we bring to EMPACK2019 are an example of this and of how we can address any need our customers may have in a totally personalized way", he adds.

About Tecnicarton

Tecnicarton is a leading company in innovative solutions for the industrial packaging sector. Its main activity is focused on solutions for the transport and logistics of products of great volume and weight, as well as for products that require total protection in the logistics chain.

It is currently working on new developments for customers such as Renault, Volkswagen or Ford, as well as manufacturers of equipment and components (airbags, projectors, dashboards, etc.). Its products are used both in operations for original equipment, CKD and spare parts.

They also work for the aeronautical and agri-food sectors with heavy and bulk packaging.

Tecnicarton belongs to the DS Smith Group, supplier of corrugated cardboard packaging, leader in Europe and specialist in plastic packaging worldwide. It currently operates in 34 countries and employs around 25,400 people.