DS Smith Tecnicarton participates for the first time as a challenging company in the III edition of Hackathon Innova&Acción Business Challenge

This is an innovation competition in which teams work tirelessly to offer in a maximum of 24 hours different and innovative solutions to the challenges posed by companies

The meeting, organised by the Fundación Politécnica de la Comunidad Valenciana, will take place from 27 to 28 September.

DS Smith Tecnicarton will present its challenge next Friday 27 September at the third edition of Hackathon Innova&acción Business Challenge. This event, organized by the Fundación Politécnica de la Comunidad Valenciana, consists of a a 24-hour innovation competition in which the teams work tirelessly to offer the participating companies different and innovative solutions to the challenges posed by the different challenging companies.

In this way, the participating companies explain to the students, distributed in eight high-performance teams, a real market proposal to provide, in a maximum of 24 hours, the most original and innovative applicable solution.

Aeronautics and engineers specialized in materials, energy, mechanics, among others; physicists; industrial and graphic designers; experts in food sciences and nutrition; lawyers; professionals in the areas of business, strategy and marketing; anthropologists, and psychologists are just a sample of the profiles that this year will join forces in this Hackathon of innovation.

Along with Tecnicarton, eight other companies will offer their challenges. The difficulty of this test lies not only in the ability of the participants to think critically, with analytical vision, work in teams, listen, communicate and select correctly the mentors who will guide them, but the role of the companies is also decisive. They must have the ability to describe the challenge in a simple and inspiring way, as well as showing as transparently as possible the importance of the solution to the real challenges they pose.

Tecnicarton, the leading company in the industrial packaging sector, is the first time it has attended this event. With their participation they seek to create synergies with the students, offering them the possibility to develop interesting and innovative ideas, learn different methodologies and get to know the organization of the company.

In addition, this activity is proposed as a way of reinventing themselves, so that companies explore new horizons and obtain novel solutions for present and future challenges.

The third edition of Innova&acción Business Challenge will be held from 3 p.m. on Friday 27 to 3 p.m. on Saturday 28 September at the Centro Superior de Estudios Oficiales Barreira Arte y Diseño, a collaborating entity. The winner will be awarded a total of 3,000 euros.