DS Smith Tecnicarton designs new reusable packaging with water-repellent treatment for the food industry

It is a sustainable packaging made of 100% recyclable materials and allows a better resistance to environmental conditionsDS Smith Tecnicarton has successfully designed and manufactured a new reusable packaging in corrugated board with water-repellent treatment and approved for contact with food products


This packaging solution consists of a four-wave laminated cardboard body that can withstand the weight of large-calibre products, offering the possibility of transporting up to 1,000 kilograms and allowing for greater stacking capacity, which saves space thanks to the possibility of storing one on top of the other; greater resistance to sagging and the possibility of reuse.

Moreover, as it is a cardboard packaging, all its materials are 100% recyclable, it is lighter and it becomes a sustainable packaging since it reduces the costs derived from storage and transport.

As Alicia Correa, Tecnicarton's Communication Director, explains, "the firm commitment to the environment and the circular economy are causing important changes in the packaging sector. The improvement of materials allows us to manufacture returnable packaging with a longer useful life, maintaining its durability and resistance, and thus achieving the minimum environmental impact".

Water-repellant treatment

When transporting and preserving food, packaging is needed to keep products fresh and protected, ensuring food safety throughout the supply chain, and to be strong and able to withstand the harshest conditions.

That is why this new packaging has a water-repellent treatment that allows greater resistance to environmental conditions, avoiding problems with humidity and liquid penetration. In this way, the cardboard is completely waterproof and allows the food to be stored without the need for a food bag.