Tecnitank continues raising expectations

The corrugated packaging designed for the transport of liquids, Tecnitank, continues raising expectations and curiosity among companies. In the recent edition of Empack, which was held in Madrid on 23 and 24 November, our colleague Elvira Martín verified this interest in the two interventions she had in the showroom that organizes the fair.

During the two days of this professional meeting, Elvira explained the main features of Tecnitank. Recall that it is a corrugated cardboard packaging that allows transporting up to 1,000 liters and is optimal for maritime transport thanks to the strength of the material used.

With the increase of exports and the globalization of products, this packaging allows exporters of food liquids to sell their products anywhere in the world. From fruit juices, pickles, to dairy products.

And these characteristics are what have caught the attention in Empack.

This packaging lowers costs in shipping, since the cardboard is less heavy than any other material. For operators, it is an easy to use packaging thanks to its effective point of discharge that allows an easy and fast emptying.

From the environmental point of view, this container for liquids avoids the risk of contamination, because thanks to its isothermal bag does not need cleaning or disinfection.

However, the great advantage of Tecnitank is its design, which allows to discharge the liquid product contained through a valve that is anchored on the side of the wall of the container. This valve is housed simultaneously to all IBCs on the market and uses the same standard accessories and standards. That is why, in addition to saving, it is optimal for boat transport.

Tecnitank stacks up to two heights during transit and up to three heights in storage with content. It has a compression value of over 8,000 kilograms and is designed to prevent bulging. Another advantage for its use in transport is that it is approved by the ISTA for bulk transportation.