Corrugated packaging - ten things everyone should know....

The advantages of strength v weight, versatility, printability and ability to recycle are truly unique – if it was invented today it would be a miracle product!

  • It’s the fluting that gives corrugated its strength versus material weight advantage
  • Ability to vary paper grades, grammages and flute profiles gives corrugated the widest range of cost v performance options
  • These features, together with bespoke sizing, means corrugated can be tailored to get the best efficiencies through the total supply chain, paying back its cost many times over.
  • Add to this the full range of print processes available that can show vital shipping information, provide storage/opening directions or support powerful brand promotion.
  • Corrugated is manufactured and converted mainly ‘just in time’ out of stocked materials – this means lead times are usually very short in comparison to other materials. Corrugated packaging can be ordered flexibly, in line with demand.
  • With a UK recycling rate of 82%, corrugated has the best record of any packaging material sending less to landfill.
  • On average, corrugated boxes made in the UK already contain 76% of recycled material. In FMCG this is commonly 100%.
  • In most circumstances, it is far better to recycle corrugated and there is no need to send corrugated to landfill or incineration in the UK, as there are widespread recycling schemes in place.  Fibre can travel round the loop – mill > box > packaging > waste > mill - in just 14 days – truly renewable!
  • Paper cannot be recycled indefinitely; as the fibres get weaker they need to be replenished. The paper industry depends on a supply of high quality fibres from certified sustainable forestry sources. It is important to note that papermakers often use the thinnings and sawmill waste for their source of fibre.
  • As a direct result of recycling corrugated cardboard in the UK, an area the size of Greater London is saved from landfill every 4 months.

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