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North America Recycling Services

For over 40 years, DS Smith has been helping organizations of all sizes reduce landfill waste and recycle more.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, and our custom recycling solutions help you increase your recycling rate and mitigate the impact of your operations on the environment.

We’re Different

Unlike other waste management companies, none of your recyclables will be incinerated or landfilled. Because we’re part of the DS Smith Group – a leading supplier of sustainable packaging solutions – paper from our customers goes back into our manufacturing processes.

Our closed-loop solution ensures that material that should be recycled is recycled.

Find out about our specialist recycling services:

Innovative Waste Management solutions

Whatever your waste streams, we’re on hand to help with every aspect of your waste management strategy to provide you with efficient, cost-effective, innovative solutions – all managed centrally by one supplier. Whether it’s through our own logistics and depot network, or our network of trusted partners, we manage the entire process on your behalf and remove the complexity of you having to work with numerous suppliers.

A Customer-focused Recycling and Waste Management Company

DS Smith’s investment in customer care is central to our business. Our Account Managers truly integrate themselves into your organization and our customers tell us that the innovation they see sets us apart from our competitors.